Guntur Chilli - Guntur Sannam or Capsicum annuum var. Longhum

Guntur Chilli

Guntur Chilli

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Guntur Chillies

Guntur chillies is a group of Chilly cultivars from Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. They are renowned globally and exported to Asia, Canada, and Europe.
Guntur is famous for red chillies the world over. Chillies from Guntur are in demand in the international market.

Chilli is a natural hot food seasoning and toner that is refined from paprika. It has a pure and pungent flavor of paprika.
It has wonderful health benefits as

  • Fight Migraine Headaches
  • Prevents Sinusitis
  • Relieves Congestion
  • Fight Cancer
  • Help Lower the High Blood Pressure
  • Fight Inflammation
  • Help Soothe Intestinal Diseases
  • Help to Burn Fat and Lose Weight
  • Protect your heart

Have Loads of Vitamin C and can warm your feet. Our quality high chillies fulfills the various needs of our buyers internationally.

It is mostly used as a condiment, a culinary supplement, or a vegetable.

Chillies are used for adding colour and taste to the dishes. S-4 Sannam Chilli is one of the most famous types of chillies and has an overwhelming demand throughout the world. It is also known as Guntur Sannam or Capsicum Annuum var. Longhum. S-4 Sannam Chilli is the largest crop among all other varities of Chillies. Sannam S4 Chilli has it's peak harvesting season from December to May.

Guntur Sannam has thick skin. The skin of Crushed Chilli is thick, red and hot. Guntur Sannam Chilli is hot and pungent with average pungency of 35,000 to 40,000 SHU. The chilli is red with ASTA color value of about 32.11. The content of Capsaicin in Sannam S4 Chilli is about 0.226%.

Moisture : Below 12%
Length : 6 to 8 Cms (without stem)
Pungency (Heat) : 18000 SHU to 22000 SHU
Color : 40 ASTA - 50 ASTA
Capsaicin content : 0.226%
Physical : Sannam S 4 Chilli is small size, more seeds, light red
Shelf life : Long
Type : Available with stem & stemless.

The aroma & pungency of Sannam S4 Chilli is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, Euopean, Thai, Italian & Japenese Cuisines. The curry made in Sannam S4 Chilli not only looks rich but also gives mouth watering tastes. It is well known as a commercial crop used as a condiment, culinary supplement or as a vegetable. S-4 Sannam Chilli has got specific characteristics which have enabled it to earn international and national acclaim. It is mainly used for its pungency and for the extraction and derivation of capsaicin.

S-4 Sannam Chilli is rich in vitamin C (185 mg/100g) and protein (11.98g/100g). S-4 Sannam Chillies are good for slimming down as it burns the calorie easily. Chillies stimulate the appetite, help to clear the lungs, and stimulate digestive system.

  • Preserved properly in order to maintain its high nutrient value.
  • No chemical is used while exporting to avoid harmful effects.
  • High quality in affordable price.
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