Hybanthus enneaspermus - Oridhazh Thamarai Powder

Hybanthus enneaspermus

Hybanthus Enneaspermus - Oridhazh Thamarai Powder

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Hybanthus Enneaspermus - Oridhazh Thamarai Powder

Most Effective - Libido Loss Male, Sexual Debility

Highly Effective - Anorgasmia, Apermia, Asthma, Pain, Scorpion Sting, Azoospermia, Conjuctivitis, Asthenospermia

Oridazh thamarai is a tiny herb that grows in the wilderness. All parts of the herb have medicinal value.

The great Siddhas had left behind a great repository of herbal knowledge for the benefit of mankind. They intuited the uses of different kinds of herbs through their penance and had detailed them in palm manuscripts. The remedies were useful in curing the diseases that afflicted mankind throughout the ages. With the advent of conventional medicine it very quickly dethroned the folk remedies and herbs and soon they were regarded as quackery.

Though the quality of life had improved, mortality rate has decreased, though people lived longer on an average, they seemed to be affected by newer and unknown diseases, they had lesser immunity. This prompted people to turn to herbal remedies and alternative systems.

Oridazh thamarai One of the herbs that can help convalescing people to regain their lost strength, oridhazh tamarai is also a well known aphrodisiac. The name thamarai may be misleading. This herb does not grow in water. The botanical name is Ionidium Suffruticosum. In Malayalam it is ‘orilai thamarai’. The leaves, stem, root, flower all have medicinal value. The whole plant is dried in shade and powdered. This teaspoon of this powder is then mixed in milk and taken in the mornings and evenings. This strengthens the body and helps in regaining the lost vitality.

For people suffering with high fever, the kashayam made of the herb is very effective in bringing down the fever.

Most youngsters due to the pent up sexual urge, ejaculate while asleep. Siddha regards semen as energy and loss of semen is said to weaken an individual. In such cases, the powder of this herb is mixed with honey and taken internally before going to bed. This is said to compensate the loss.

For people who have lost their sexual urge, the powder of this remedy is taken with milk for a mandalam (48 days). This is found to help them in regaining their lost vigour.

Thus oridazh thamarai is an excellent Siddha herb that helps one to regain the lost health.



Tamil : Oridhazh thamarai

English : Hybanthus

Telugu : Nilakobari

Malayalam : Orilai thamarai

Hindi : Ratna purush

Bot. Name : Hybanthus enneaspermus