Rose Centifolia - Rose Petals

Rose Centifolia - Rose Petals
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Botanical Name : Rose Centifolia.

Family Name :

Tamil Name :
Irosa, Pannir, Pannirpu, Roja mottu, Rajappu, Golappu, Rojappu,Rosa, Roja,
Civappuroca, Arakkuroja, Ativitakikacceti.

Common Name : Rose Petals,Red rose petals,Pink rose petals.

Sanskrit Name :
Atimanjula, Lakshapushpa, Mahakumari, Satapatri,Shatadala,Shatapatri, Shatapatrika,
Soumyagandha,Sumana, Suoritta, Sushita.

Hindi Name :
Gulab, Gulab-ke-phul, Sudburg, Bussorah, Fasti gulab.

Malayalam Name :
Panniruppu, Penimirpushpam, Paninirpushpam.

Kannada Name :
Gulabihuvu, Panniru, Tarana, Roja.

Telgu Name :
Gulabi, Panniru, Roja, Rojapuvu, Gulabipuvvu, Gulaabi poovvu, Paneer roja.

Urdu Name :
Gul-e-surkh (ward, Gulab), Roghan gul, Gul surkh,Arq-i-gulab.

Marathi Name :
Gulad, Gulab.

Medicinal Uses :

  1. Rose petals are rejuvenating and prove to be a tonic.

  2. They are used to treat internal asthma, high blood pressure, bronchitis, slow circulation, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), cough, fever and fluid retention, indigestion, insomnia, palpitation, stress and urinary tract infections.

  3. The infusion prepared from the rose petals is used to alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

  4. The infusion is also effective in treating sore throats, runny nose and congested bronchial tracts.

  5. The petals effectively combat infections in the digestive system and restore the normal and essential bacteria in the intestines.

  6. They have a diuretic effect and hence, are beneficial in relieving excessive fluids from the urinary bladder.

  7. Rose petals help to get rid of the waste and toxic substances in the body, through the kidneys.

  8. They alleviate problems of insomnia, depression, fatigue and comfort tetchiness.

  9. The tea also effectively cleanses toxins and heat from the body .

  10. They are ingested as a tea to provide a comforting effect and diminish body temperatures during high fevers.

  11. Squeeze the petals in water and pour a few drops in the eyes for relief. This is known as Rose water. It gives coolness to eyes and cleans the eyes. Pour a few drops in ears to overcome earache.

  12. Boil rose petals in hot water and do gargles to cure throat disease, it gives relief in case of toothache, overcomes mouth odor, heat and dryness. It gives relief to stomach.

  13. Gulkand is useful in case of constipation, swelling in stomach, germs etc. It strengthens the teeth and relieves toothache.

Health Benefits:1.Fight anxiety and depression 2.Provide astringent and toning properties for the skin 3.Fight mild eye infections 4.Provide mild diuretic properties 5.Soothe sore throats and reduce fevers 6.Promote tissue growth and collagen production.

The roots are astringent and vulnerary and useful in intestinal ulcers, rickets, haemorrhages and diarrhoea. The leaves are useful in treating wounds, ophthalmia, hepatopathy and haemorrhoids. The flowers are bitter, astringent, sweet, cooling emollient aromatic, cardiotonic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, digestive, carminative, aphrodisiac, depurative, febrifuge, intellect-promoting styptic, rejuvenating and tonic. It is useful in asthma, high blood pressure, bronchitis, slow circulation, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), cough, fever, fluid retention, Indigestion, insomnia, palpitation, stress and urinary tract infections.

Other benefits of rose petals:Several rose products are used to make creams, lotions and other cosmetic uses. It is also used in potpourri as a pleasant cent. Mix with vegetable glycerine for moisturizing use. Mostly perfumery, also in toilet preparations, lozenges and toothpaste. Homes use in butter, syrup, jams and honey. Rose water is used in desserts, pastries and cakes. The flower buds are astringent and are used in cardiac troubles and as a tonic and aperient. Gulkand made from the petals possesses mild laxative properties and is useful in sore throat and enlarged tonsils.